Checking Student Results for the Civics Exam

Since the AZ State Civics Exam is a state graduation requirement for all students,  teachers and instructional staff can review student performance on this exam by following the steps posted below.

Quick Search

From your PowerSchool Dashboard simply look up the student and click on the link for Test Results along the left side of the page.

You should then be able to click on the CIVICS link to see the results.

If you do not see a student result on this dashboard, you may want to check the testing history by following the steps below.

Searching for Completion

1. From the Illuminate Dashboard click on the Civics Testing Results tile.   2. In the Search box in the upper-right corner of the page, you can type in either the students’ name or number to find the results for the test.  

    3. To locate the names of students who need to retest (or who haven’t taken the test) click on the sort arrows at the top of the comprehensive percent correct column.  This will allow you to see students who have not completed the test (the column for these students will show up as blank).  

  The steps above can be used for BOTH classroom teachers as well as site administrators to quickly identify which students were absent, may have not have correctly submitted their test, or will need to retest at a later date.   Because of the test level security mentioned above, teachers and site administrators also do not have the ability to grade the one constructed response question on the test.  Students who score 59% on the test will have their scores reviewed at the end of each testing week and district office will send a notification to the site instructional coach notifying them of students whose correct response on the question has moved their score to passing.   Thanks to everyone for your hard work and support in preparing our students for this graduation requirement.