Printing 13.5 Week Progress Reports for Parents (S1/Q2)

As we approach the 13.5 week mark in S1, it’s important to share the following reminder regarding student progress reports. Unlike quarterly grades which are finalized as part of the end of term report card process (see link here for details), the printing of mid-term progress reports are entirely the responsibility of your school leadership team.

Unlike term grades for report cards, progress report grades do NOT need to be stored and may therefore, be printed at any point in time by either your front office staff or classroom teachers by following the directions posted below. In accordance with Federal Title I guidelines, progress reports should be shared with parents at both the 4.5 and 13.5 week mark of the semester.

Teachers, office, and admin staff in grades 6-12 can follow the directions linked here to print student progress reports based on what is currently listed in the final grade column of their PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook.

Because progress grades in K-5 are based on STANDARDS rather than traditional marks, elementary teachers must follow the directions linked here prior to the printing of mid-term progress reports.  Thank-you and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.