Secure Testing Browser for Illuminate

When having students test in the Illuminate Testing platform, students can be restricted from browsing on other websites during the course of testing by following the directions posted below.

What Students Will Need Prior to Testing

  • Their district email address
  • The access code for the assigned test

Student Steps

  1. Turn on your Chromebook and make sure you have logged out.
  2. Click on the Apps tab and select the Illuminate App. When the Illuminate App launches, the log in page will load immediately.

NOTE:   Students should NOT log in to their Chromebook first.  If you log in, you won’t have access to the installed app.

  1. Enter your student log in information. This is your SUSD Student Gmail address.
  2. Enter the Access Code provided by your teacher.
  3. Click Next to load the assessment

Once you’ve finished your test, click Finish and Submit in your online assessment.

After you’ve submitted your answers, you’ll be prompted to restart your Chromebook. Use your power button to force your Chromebook to shut down. You can then restart your Chromebook and log in to proceed as normal.

Teachers can also (if they choose) use the Hapara Teacher Desktop App to control student browsing during the test (directions linked here).

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