Creating and Analyzing Student Groups in DataWall

As principals and school leaders work to challenge assumptions and identify new questions to support student learning, the student groups function can be a powerful tool for you and your staff.

Let’s say for example that you want to analyze the difference between students who may be struggling based on various levels of daily attendance.

Starting with the Academics tab along the top of the page, you can select the Achievement dashboard on DataWall. This dashboard will provide you with a list of ALL GRADES from the most recent stored term (along with comparisons to prior grading terms).

Using the Achievement dashboard, you can continue to filter down to make your search more targeted (for example, by Grade Level).

Once you have your filters set, click on the specific Grade Band you would like to explore to see a student list within that band.

The student list provides you with a complete overview of all student grades which comprise this letter band.

Once you have selected the students whom you would like to analyze, click on the Actions button to save this list as a Student Group.

Once you have named and saved this student group it can be access at any point using any of the other dashboard on the DataWall.

For example, let’s say that you now want to compare this list of struggling students with Student Attendance Records.

All you need to do is to migrate to the Attendance tab and then select the Chronic Absences dashboard. From here you can simply cross reference any of the existing tiles by applying the student group filter which you’ve already created (see below).

Once applied, you can click on any of the Attendance Bands (the same way you did with the Grade Bands) to examine the difference between students who may be struggling because they are missing class, and students who may be struggling for other reasons.

Remember that you can also EXPORT any of the students lists you have created by clicking on the SEND icon in the top-right corner of the page.

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