ELA & Math Interims in Remote

We will be moving forward with testing all students in grades 3-8 for both Math and ELA during the week of January 25th, 2021. Testing students in a remote learning environment presents certain unique challenges but by preparing in advance and following the steps listed below, teachers should be able to minimize disruptions to your normal instructional routine.

It is important to remember that that both the ELA and Math interims for all grade levels are designed to be completed by students during a normal class period (50 minutes or less). This means that schools are encouraged to avoid modifying your normal instructional bell schedule whenever possible. Please remember that all testing accommodations specified with a student’s IEP should be observed to the greatest extent possible during remote testing.

Teacher Directions for Setting Illuminate Testing Window

For both the ELA and Math Interim tests, all teachers are expected to set the student testing window prior to the day your school has designated for testing by following the directions below.

  1. From your Illuminate Dashboard, please click on the Tile link for the appropriate Grade Level Interim shared with you.

2. If you get a pop-up notification that “You don’t have any student responses for that assessment” Click on the Online link under Administer.

Otherwise, you can click on Administration and then Online Testing along the top of the page.

3. From the Online Testing- Page click on the Test in Portal button in the upper-right corner of the page.

4. Set the Testing Window Start and End times. Under the Sections menu, select the student roster which you would like to set up. You can confirm the student list by checking the names and count in the settings below.

5. When you’re done, click the blue SAVE button along the bottom of the page. Your testing window should now be visible on your Online Testing dashboard.

Student Directions

On the day of testing, having students connect to the Illuminate Student Dashboard (linked here).

Have students click on the red Sign in with Google button.

The browser will ask to the student to confirm their account by clicking on their name.

Students should then click the green Take Assessment button to go to their test.

Since it’s possible that students may have more than one test assigned to them, please remind them to click on the correct test for your subject.

Students can now click on the green Begin Test button along the top-right corner of the page to start. When they have completed all questions, remind students to click the Review/Finish Test button along the top of the page to submit their completed test.

TEACHERS: You can track student progress on these interim assessments in real time by using the Live Proctoring dashboard in your Illuminate Online Testing page. This will allow you to confirm that all students have started the test, what question they are working on, and even close/finish the test if students have not exited properly.

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