Checking Student Progress in Naviance

The Naviance teacher dashboard provides teachers with the ability to check on the progress of your students as they work through the lessons and assessment task within the College and Career readiness curriculum in your CCP course.

You can start by logging in to your Naviance Teacher Account by clicking on this link.

Teachers should use the “Sign in with Clever” option which connects back to your district account.

When prompted, type in the name of your school and then click the Log in with Google button.

You should now have access to your teacher dashboard which will include any updates or notifications as well as access to the Naviance Curriculum under “Quick Links” along the left side of the page.

As you click on that link, you should see a link to all students currently rostered within your CCP course in PowerSchool.

Clicking the Activity tab along the top of the page will display the following student information.

  • The last date and time the student logged in to Naviance
  • How many times they have logged in
  • How many lessons they have completed
  • The number of “Plans” or writing reflection tasks which have been assigned to students as well as how many of the plans have been completed.

Clicking the Progress tab along the top of the page lets the teacher see which specific lessons students have already completed and what their answers to the prompts were.

Checking in on your students’ responses can be a valuable way of gathering insights into what motivates students and identifying where students might struggle in their pathway towards academic success.

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