How DataWall can support Parent/Teacher Conferences

As you and your staff prepare for Parent/Teacher Conferences this week, remember that there are several dashboards in the SUSD DataWall which can help to support productive conversations.

Everyone can start by visiting the SUSD DataWall (linked here) and logging in with your district credentials (the same username and password you use for PowerSchool, Gmail…etc.).


The Attendance Overview dashboard (see below) allows you to quickly see student attendance percentages calculated for the past 7 days, 30 days, or year-to-date.

The Filter Data button along the top-left corner of the page will allow you to filter results by all kinds of different metrics such as grade level, ELL, SPED, and even Teacher.

Remember that clicking on any of the metrics within the dashboard will take you directly to a list of the students who comprise that list.

Clicking the top of the column will re-sort the totals in ascending or descending order to allow you to view students who may have the most urgent attendance issues.

Similar filtered results can also be viewed for metrics such as Behavior and Academics (see below).

Student Dashboard

Clicking on the names of any students on the filtered list which you have created will take you to the Student Profile Dashboard.

From the Overview dashboard, teachers can see all kinds of information about the student on a single page, including Special Program Enrollment, Absence (both current and year-over-year), enrollment history and more.

The Schedule dashboard lets teachers quickly see a list of all courses students are enrolled in.

The Academic Detail dashboard allows you to see all grades stored and posted for all subjects (going all the way back to the beginning of the students’ career).

The Assessment Detail dashboard lets teachers see the results for all assessments taken in the Illuminate system which includes Math & ELA Interims, End of Unit Assessments, Social Science Inquiry Units and more.

Having all of the data available with a couple of clicks can be extremely helpful in supporting productive conversations with parents and students to improve classroom outcomes.

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