Printing Progress Reports Directly from your PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook

Unlike traditional (ie. A-F final grades) which need to be stored before printing, teachers have the ability to print out STANDARDS BASED grades for students and parents at any point during the semester using the directions below.

  1. From your PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook select the CLASS you would like to print from the top menu.

2. Along the left-side menu, click on Reports and then select Individual Student Report

3. Click on the Students tab along the top of the page and then the Add/Remove Students tab below.

4. Select the specific student (or students) you would like to run this report for and then click the green RUN REPORT button along the bottom of the page.

NOTE: While TEACHERS will be able to view their printed report que within the GRADEBOOK, Administrators (including front office staff) will need to go back to PowerSchool Admin to view the report (see screenshots below).

5. Once the report is ready, you should now be able to print out an accurate version of the progress report which reflects both Academic Standards as well as Work Habits Scores (see below).

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